Magic 8Ball

Interactive 8ball for your stream. Viewer type !8ball (question) and watch the magic as the animated ball reveals the answer. With tons of customizable options from custom answers to control over appearance and more. Simply add the generated URL to a browser source in your streaming platform, If you would like to change the settings in the future just add &options=1 to the generated URL.

Step 1

Enter your twitch username here

Answers Appearance Settings
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Disabled when in competition mode

Select below to expand customizable settings

+ Eye Color

+ Ball Color

Ball Color:

Blend Mode:

Gradient Styles

+ Ball Glow / Shadow


Animate ball zoom for lower resolutions?

Animate ball Fade in and out?

Sound Settings

Play shake Sound:

Read Out Answer:

Copy and paste the address below into a new browser source in your streaming program. If you use the contest mode add &options=1 to the end of the address and crop the settings page in OBS / Slobs. Right click browser source and select interact to set contests.

Competitions Mode | Clear all

When a viewer types !8enter they are added to the magic ball competition list. When you wish to draw a winner, make sure competition mode is active and then shake the ball to randomly pick a contestant.
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