Fart Command

Yes, even the Guru lets one go from time to time (although not as much as FranklyFaye), now with this tool so can your viewers! 1 command !fart will pick and play a fart sound out of a library of 28 juciey farts! (well some sound dry).

Step 1

Enter your twitch username here

Turn on / off channel reward option

Step 2

Create the channel point reward on your twitch account.
Make sure to tick "Require Viewer to Enter Text".
Click here to open the twitch reward page in a new tab

Step 3

Redeem the reward below so the script can find the Id. If the chat doesn't load you can redeem from your twitch channel in a new window. You do not have to be streaming this also works offline.
Reward Id:


Who can fart?

Command: !

Browser Source Url

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