Talking Hand v.3.5

Talking Hand that is activated when a channel point is redeemed. When all the steps are complete and you are happy with the style copy the browser source URL at the bottom into a new browser source. If you would like to edit this just add "&options=1" to the end of the address. Version 2 has better talking sync and the ability to apply voice filters on the hand. Now has Giphy support for a custom image instead of the hand!

Step 1

Enter your twitch username here

Step 2

Create the channel point reward on your twitch account.
Make sure to tick "Require Viewer to Enter Text".
Click here to open the twitch reward page in a new tab

Step 3

Redeem the reward below so the script can find the Id. If the chat doesn't load you can redeem from your twitch channel in a new window. You do not have to be streaming this also works offline.
Reward Id:

Default Voices

Famous Voices - Beta (slightly slower then default voices) voices & constantly growing!



Sample Message:

Giphy Image or Direct Video Address:

Chroma Key:

Sound Playback Speed:

Video Playback Speed:

Master Volume:

^Avoid using master volume (can cause sync to stop working) allow streaming program to control audio
Animation Sync Style:

Basic bad word filter: Click here for a list of words including in the filter

Replacement words
Replace this word With this word Remove
Browser Source Url
Add &flip=1 to the end of the address if you want the hand to be flipped horizontally

Copied to clipboard