Who's That Pokemon?

Add the interactive pokemon game to your stream just like the one from the TV series! the command !wtp will start the game and show a random Pokemon silhouette and the viewers have to try and guess who the pokemon is by typing the name in chat! with over 800 Pokemon this will keep your audience engaged for hours! default commands are for the mods / broadcaster and they are as follows: !wtp !giveup !skipwtp !resetwtp !changegen {number}.


Who Can Guess: Auto Start New Round: Auto Start game:

Time to Show Winner: ms

Mute Sound "Who's that Pokemon?": Pokemon Generation:

Play Pokemon Cry Sound:

Style Options

Pokemon Art Style: Silhouette Colour: Show Text Title:



Chat Mode In order for you to be able to post the winner in chat you need to give chat permissions to the overlay. Click HERE to generate a token and paste the token below.
You can also use a bot to post the results, however the bot needs to have MOD rights to your channel and the token needs to be generated from the bot account.


Bot username:

Show Pokedex data:

Browser Source Address: recommended size: 1920x1080