Countdown script that is activated when a channel point is redeemed. Good for timer based awards like play blind folded for xx mins etc When all the steps are complete and you are happy with the style copy the URL from the address bar into a new browser source. If you would like to edit this just add "&options=1" to the end of the address

Step 1

Enter your twitch username here

Step 2

Create the channel point reward on your twitch account.
Make sure to tick "Require Viewer to Enter Text".
Click here to open the twitch reward page in a new tab

Step 3

Redeem the reward below so the script can find the Id. If the chat doesn't load you can redeem from your twitch channel in a new window. You do not have to be streaming this also works offline.
Reward Id:

Step 4

Setting up the timer
Minutes:: Secounds

Styling & Sound Options





Add a Lable? text emojis work but not twitch emotes

Browser Source Url

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